Featured in Caribbean Journal

Featured in Caribbean Journal

Introducing Debbie Sun to Caribbean Jetsetters

How This Artist Finds Inspiration in St. Croix is a wonderfully written article about my work by the very talented Caribbean travel editor, Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon. She has a wonderful way with words. Be sure to click on the link to read the full article. It is such an honor and momentous occasion to be featured in the Caribbean Journal, one the best online sites for Caribbean travel,. Even more so, I am thrilled to have met the delightful JetSetSarah.

The Caribbean Journal feature this week has been yet another incredible milestone. It seems like yesterday that I was celebrating the official launch of Debbie Sun Design Studio in St. Croix. It was actually just over a year ago, the 19th of March, 2015 to be exact. What a wonderful, excitement-filled journey it has been thus far. As it is for all new businesses, I can attest to the feeling of being on a constant roller coaster ride which is thoroughly thrilling. The rewards have been absolutely amazing. As I take a moment to look at the big picture, it is pretty awesome to see all that has happened in such a short time.  I have created designs for 6 new collections, each one has been a favorite of mine at some point in time. I am fortunate to have very happy customers of Debbie Sun pillows, tablewear, baby blankets, and gorgeous note cards. This January we were exhibitors at our very first Trade Show in Las Vegas, undoubtedly an exciting, invaluable experience. Lastly, and surely not least, are my pride and joy projects for the newly renovated Hotel Caravelle on St. Croix, including an eye-catching ceiling installation, gorgeous bed runners for the rooms and outstanding art work for the upcoming Casino. I am so blessed. Looking forward to much, much more!



Ever Changing Perspective

Ever Changing Perspective

A Lesson in Perspective

Every time I look at this design, I smile not only because I love the design, more so it is a poignant reminder of a very personal lesson on perspective. Perspective is an interesting concept. Your every whim, your every doubt, your every random thought can completely change your perspective from day to day, in my case, minute to minute.

Debbie Sun Design Studio Pillows

 There is a -behind the scene- story about this design. I first have to go all the way back to the very first trip to Barcelona, a trip that was an epic – spread my wings – life experience. I spent six weeks falling in love with an incredible city. The time flew by so quickly, I felt like I was just beginning my discoveries. I returned home, sad to leave, energized to do more and I diligently began looking for a way to return. I found my way. I applied to a one year International Workshop Art programme at Metàfora in Barcelona. The day I received the acceptance letter was pure joy. I kept looking at it, over and over again, as my mind raced to all the future scenarios. My dreams were becoming a reality. It was a big deal. It was a huge step to be embracing my life as an artist and venturing into the unknown.

The months leading up to the departure was crazy with home renovations, recuperation from knee surgery, stressful moments of preparation and countless emotions. At last, the day arrived the 17th of January, I was getting on the plane, heading again to Barcelona, living my dream. I arrived to the school, Metàfora, two weeks after the start date, thanks to an anxious delay of the visa process. I showed up completely overwhelmed with new people, a new city, new languages, a new way of life. All of my senses were in hyper-mode.

It was a little awkward, starting a few steps behind. I gave myself a pep talk, raised the imaginary poms poms in the air and jumped right into it. I decided the best thing to do is to start with what I know. Textiles. I stretched out a white fabric, pulled out my fabric paints and started painting without a thought in mind, letting it flow whichever way. As I was painting, I felt this great joy. It was happening. As my colleagues were walking by, they -oohed- and -ahhhed-, intrigued with the process of painting on fabric. I moved with confidence and excitement, embracing the idea that I was exactly where I wanted to be, doing exactly what I wanted to do. I made the leap. I had arrived.

I was deep into my creative zone – mesmerized, engaged, enjoying every moment. And then…. I stepped back. I stepped back and looked at the piece. I cringed. I absolutely hated it! All I could think was “what am I doing, why am I here, how could I think this was good?” Endless self doubt. I promptly rolled up the piece, put it in a corner, never to be looked at again until I was packing up my space a year later. Years went by when I would look at the piece, seeing its parts with new eyes, new perspective, each time having a different reaction to it. I kept that piece with me for many years, knowing that there was something there. It was special, I just wasn’t sure in what way.

I carried it with me from Barcelona to St. Croix last summer when I decided it was time for another big leap, to launch the textile design business, Debbie Sun Design Studio. I unrolled the piece, looked at it nostalgically…and with surprise, I felt proud. Perspective. I was seeing the piece in a new light.


I converted the fabric to a digital image, started working with it on my computer, dissecting the parts, adding complexity, playing with layers and before I knew it, I had created a new design. A new design that I truly loved!

As I look at it now, I have to chuckle at my initial reaction of sheer delight to absolute horror. Knowing that all these emotions have lead to creating one of my favorite designs puts everything into perspective. It’s a reminder to step back and look at the whole picture, hold on to what feels special, don’t be afraid to reinvent and more than anything, follow your instincts. Remember, perspective is ever changing. If you don’t like it today, look at it again tomorrow!


Sign Design

Sign Design

Signage with Style

I am a Textile Designer so when I first got the call asking if I would be interested in designing a sign, my first thought was -hmmmmm….how do I respond? I had never done a sign before. The next thought was intrigue, especially when she mentioned Mozaic as the name. I do indeed have a fascination with mosaics so I said, “YES!”. I am so happy that I did! Here is how it turned out.


The sign was a fun exercise of design, function and beautiful aesthetics. And yes, it was also a learning experience. This unique art endeavor blended my fabric art with graphic design while also adding a new material for me, copper.  The copper was an exciting layer, adding dimension and sparkle to the sign.

The actual sign was two layers of acrylic panels. The back panel had the decal imprinted with an image originating from a detail of one of my silk paintings. The copper was hand cut with a boxing knife, then glued onto the back panel. Then came the second acrylic panel with the custom ordered copper numbers adhered to the top surface.

Debbie Sun Sign Design with Copper

Voilà! The sign came together. Mounted on the column at the entrance of the driveway, it is a stunning welcome to the house. I am happy I said,” YES!”




Sweet Lime Furnishings

Sweet Lime Furnishings

Furniture Inspired Design Tips

Without a doubt, one of my favorite stores on St. Croix is the inspiring Sweet Lime Furnishings. For a textile designer, architect lover and a passion for interior design, Sweet Lime is a feast for my eyes. Filled with spectacular treasures, at every turn I´m oooohing and aaaahing. The moment you pull into the driveway, you know you up for a treat. Located on the property is a wonderfully restored Great House with historical charm in every corner. The store, itself, is brimming with natural light and beautiful details all around. Sweet Lime has done a fabulous job of staging the furniture so you can easily imagine how it would look in your home.

I do realize for many people, walking into a furniture store can both be exhilarating AND confusing. Even for myself, knowing that I would want one of everything, it would be difficult to figure out which piece to take home with me. With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to share fun ideas of how some of the pieces can be incorporated into your home showing examples of similar products from stylish interiors. Of course the photos marked -A Sweet Lime Treasure- are items at the store. All other photographs are from various websites featuring home décor.

Let the shopping (err designing) begin!


Tip 1:

Let’s start with my absolute favorite passion, the joy of accent pillows. I am so delighted that Sweet Lime Furnishings carries Debbie Sun decorative throw pillows. They look beautiful against the rich tone woods and colorful fabrics. A throw pillow is an easy way to make a change. It is a fun way to add a bit of color and show off your personality.


Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime

Decorative pillows is an ideal way to add a touch of style, elegance, fun, whatever matches your mood. You can easily pick your favorite with the wide array of my designs available at the store. Make a statement with an exquisite throw pillow. Find the one that best describes you!

Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime


Tip 2:

Sweet Lime has unique end tables that can easily be used as a coffee table or an accent piece. Shape and texture is a quick way to add interest to any space. These, in particular, beautifully combine strong organic forms with soft natural tones lending itself to a style reflective of the Caribbean, the beach and coastal living.  Every room should have at least one -conversation- piece!


Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime

Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime


Tip 3:

It is no surprise that I included this next image of the geometric divider screen found at Sweet Lime Furnishings. For most of you who know my designs, you know that I am drawn to lines and shapes and of course, Gaudí inspired mosaics. With seven years in Barcelona, it is bound to happen. The moment I spotted this vignette, I was in love. I particularly like the nod to Japanese architecture in the framework of the screen. With my architectural background, I revel in beautiful items that also serve a purpose. A divider screen can be just that, to subtly divide a space in an unexpected way.


Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime

A screen divider can also be a beautiful backdrop adding interest and texture to accent a space. It can add volume to a corner. Placed behind a bed or a sofa, a divider is a stunning feature, an alternative to hanging a large painting on the wall.

Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime


Tip 4:

Speaking of accents and function, a bench is a perfect marriage of the two. The human psyche is interesting. One can easily live without a bench,of course. However the moment a bench is strategically placed, it becomes indispensable. It often becomes the one item that you have contact with many times throughout the day. It may be located at the entrance, a perfect spot to put on your shoes or rest your purse. It can be at the foot of the bed, where the mound of pillows pile up as you get your bed ready for sleep. The bench can be the ideal addition to a corner, creating a cozy nook; a special retreat.  In so many ways, a bench affects your day to day routine. Now here is where it gets even better…

Benches come in all shapes and sizes and Sweet Lime Furnishings have a wonderful array of styles to add that – WOW- factor. I love how my Seaside Bliss pillow is a beautiful tropical addition to this Indonesian style bench.


Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime

Below you will see how a bench creates a cozy corner or a welcoming entrance.

Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime

I am huge fan of the strong lines in the bench pictured below on the left. It is an ideal addition to the foot of a bed, as you can see in the photograph on the right. With the high ceilings, natural light, white walls, clean lines, the warm tone of the bench is a striking accent piece. The bench is what makes the room spectacular!

Tip 5:

As a creative person, my mind is always in motion, night and day, awake and asleep. For this reason, it is important to carve out -ME- time. One of my favorite luxuries is curling up in a cozy nook with design magazines, a glass of wine or a cup of tea, the gentle wind blowing all around and being surrounded with spectacular nature and beautiful objects. This amazing canopy bed would be such a luxurious delight!


Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime

Indoors or out, it’s a fantastic way to create your very own retreat.

Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime


Tip 6:

An outstanding wardrobe is a wonderful way to add height and presence to a room. Storing your clothes in a wardrobe is a delightful experience celebrating the grand gesture of getting dressed. Take a look at the photo on the left. Imagine yourself, walking up to this beautiful piece of furniture, opening its majestic doors, inhaling the soothing smell of rich wood and reaching for the perfect outfit to wear. A wardrobe is an experience! On the right, you will see an unconventional way of incorporating a wardrobe into your decor. I love how the entire wall becomes the highlight of the room. Wouldn’t you want to start your morning with such a delightful experience?

Tip 7:

Last and surely not least, this next bit of design advice is simple. Add pops of color. Embrace color. Enjoy color. This fresh yellow instantly puts a smile on my face. That is how a room should make you feel. I talk about color in a previous post where I recommend looking at your natural surroundings to inspire your color choices. This one is a breath of fresh air and Caribbean sunshine!


Debbie Sun Design Tips at Sweet Lime

Now you are equipped with designs tips, inspirational ideas and eye candy for home décor lovers. Treat yourself to a Sweet Lime experience! Remember to check out my pillows, too!

Sugar Mill Montage

Sugar Mill Montage

Be One with the Wind

I was completely mesmerized by the fluid movement of the Kaleidoscope curtain blowing wherever the wind carried it, telling a story with its every move. It was yet another spectacular photo shoot at a St. Croix sugar mill this past week.

Let the dance begin with the


Swaying of the hips.

Debbie Sun Design Sugarmill photoshoot - sway



Flirting with a wink.

Debbie Sun Design Sugarmill photoshoot - wink



Letting it Flow.

Debbie Sun Design Sugarmill photoshoot - flow



Pausing to reflect.

Debbie Sun Design Sugarmill photoshoot - reflect



Twirling carefree.

Debbie Sun Design Sugarmill photoshoot - carefree



 Dancing with confidence.

Debbie Sun Design Sugarmill photoshoot- dancing


Being One with the Wind.


Sugar Mill Photoshoot

Sugar Mill Photoshoot

Fashion for the Table

Dress your table with Debbie Sun’s debut line of tableclothes and napkins. It is the new TABLEWEAR – fashion for the table! I have been working diligently to launch the new product line.This week was a fabulous photoshoot at a charming sugar mill on St. Croix starring the upcoming tableclothes and napkins to be sold online. The textiles are absolutely beautiful creating a wonderful setting to celebrate special moments with loved ones.

Debbie Sun Design New Tablewear

Debbie Sun Design Garden Tablewear

Debbie Sun Design New Tablewear

Debbie Sun Design New Tablewear

Debbie Sun Design New Tablewear

Debbie Sun Design New Tablewear

Debbie Sun Design New Tablewear

Debbie Sun Design New Tablewear  Stay tuned for much more!

Fun at Sea

Fun at Sea

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Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes

What do you get with a few days on the water, a toddler on board and a phone in hand?

Creative inspiration is exactly what you get!

Fireman at Sea photograph by Debbie Sun

As I sat on the boat, with the morning’s cup of tea, Mr. Fireman cried out for attention.

The dinosaur then got jealous so it was his turn to star in the photo shoot.

Dinosaur at Sea photographed by Debbie Sun

By the time we got to Jost Van Dyke, even the octopus was grinning from ear to ear.

Octopus at Sea photographed by Debbie SunA few days of gallivanting in the British Virgin Islands and St. John was the perfect remedy for recharging the “creative” battery (and getting to play with a toddler’s toys).

Hip Hip Hooray for Fun at Sea!







Jetsetter Photoshoot

Jetsetter Photoshoot

Luxury Lifestyle of a Jetsetter

Super thrilled to have my textiles included in the photoshoot with the Ambassadors of Luxury, Serenity Garden Villas and Bohlke International Airways of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Who says pillows are just for the home? Here is a sneak peak :)) Looking forward to seeing the official photographs taken by the fabulous, very talented, Nicole Canegata.

Jetsetting travel with Serenity Garden Villas and Bohlke Airways

Travel in Style with Serenity Garden Villas and Bohlke International Airways, top notch in making your Caribbean vacation a dream come true!

Tabletops with Style

Tabletops with Style

Dressing your Table with Fabulous Designs

and capturing it on camera…

This past week was sheer –Camera Happiness-!!! It was a week of spectacular photo shoots highlighting the upcoming new product line of tablecloths and napkins featuring, of course, the eye catching textiles of Debbie Sun Design Studio. As a back story, my beloved camera unexpectedly decided to “retire” a couple months ago which for a camera happy person, deemed to be quite a challenge. A dear friend, stepped up to the plate and lent me her super fancy camera which has lead to a week of absolute (obsessive) delight. :)

Photographers are going to understand what I am about to say…

There is unequivocal joy the moment you hear the click and know that a magical moment was captured. That was my excitement as I saw the setting sun streaming through the holes of the candle holder, creating a brilliant star shining above the gorgeous tabletop. I squealed with JOY the moment I took this shot.


Debbie Sun Design Studio Table Setting with Overlapping design


The tabletop above showcases the fabulous Overlapping design which originated from one of my silk paintings inspired by the works of the brilliant Architect, Antoni Gaudí. Read more about my inspiration in a previous blog post, Inspired by Gaudí.


Below captures the vibrant Caribbean blues with the Sea Polka design. There is more about the making of this design in the blog post, Inspired by the Sea.


Debbie Sun Design Studio Tablecloth with Sea Polka design

The magical hour, my favorite time of day, provides such lovely lighting cascading across the tabletop in the photo below with the Sea Polka design.

 Debbie Sun Design Studio tablesetting at sunset with Sea Polka


 Here are more shots of the exciting Overlapping design, playing with different backgrounds.

Do you have a favorite?


Debbie Sun Design Studio table styled with Overlapping design

Debbie Sun Design Studio Overlapping tablecloth design

Debbie Sun Design Studio table setting with Overlapping design

What a fun week it was! Now I am motivated to have friends over for dinner to enjoy the wonderful table settings. Stylish tabletops will make every meal taste better.

 Stay tuned for many more photo shoots (camera permitting -hint, hint- )

and lots more designs coming soon!

Shay’s Boutique IS Glamour

Shay’s Boutique IS Glamour


1. Full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way.
2. Full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity.
Want some glamour in your life?
As I stepped into the fabulous shop of Shay’s Boutique in the heart of Christiansted, St. Croix,  I instantly felt -glamorous-. I was giddy with excitement, looking forward to discovering all these beautiful gems begging to be worn on a special occasion. One of the best ways to boosting your ego is putting on that perfectly fitting dress with dangling earrings to brighten your face, add a dab of lipstick and immediately your whole outlook changes. No matter your shape, your mood, how your day was, the moment you open yourself to feeling beautiful, the glow begins to shine brightly from the inside out. We are beautiful! So why not treat ourselves to something glamorous?
This effervescent feeling I have when I am in the shop is one of the very reasons why I chose Shay’s Boutique to be one of the three shops on St. Croix to sell my designer pillows. It is the perfect setting to showcase the luxurious textile designs.
Debbie Sun designs at Shay's Boutique
Eye-catching accent pillows by Debbie Sun Design Studio available at Shay’s Boutique.
The pillows are jewelry for the home, the perfect accessory to add glamor to your living space. Of course, while I was there, my eyes wandered on to so many delightful items. I thought I would share a few of my most favorite pieces :) (hint, hint)

Let the shopping begin!

Designer pillows and turquoise dress
Plenty Dresses by Tracey Reese | designer pillows by Debbie Sun Design Studio.
Exquisite style in fashion and at home with the gorgeous blues and pop of orange. Featured are the throw pillows by Debbie Sun Design Studio, Summer Fun and Blue Allure designs with the Tracey Reese turquoise dress as the perfect companion.
Shay's Imperfection earrings
Fabulous earrings designed by Shay, the Imperfection design at Shay’s Boutique.

The multi-talented Shay, the namesake of the boutique, designs these sensational earrings of sophisticated simplicity, the ideal look for everyday glamour.

Bohemian belt
Henry Lou leather bag – the perfect accessory.

Function and style come together with this Bohemian chic leather bag by Henry Lou. Easy style and elegant look – a nice combination to compliment every outfit.

Pretty in Pink at Shay’s Boutique.

A cardigan is not just a cardigan when it’s full of happy pinks and lovely details. Match the cardigan with a pair of perfectly fitting jeans and you have a look that will make you smile.

This lovely pink cardigan is perfect for every occasion.

Bohemian is back!

Karen Zambos tunic – sophisticated bohemian.
Absolutely in love with this Karen Zambos tunic, especially with the splash of turquoise!
Little black top by Susana Monaco is the perfect companion piece.
 Every women needs a perfect little black top that goes with everything. This fabulous top by Susana Monaco comes in black or white, completing an outfit with subtle style. It is a great canvas to add fun accessories.
Tassel fun with this Miss June belt available at Shay’s Boutique.
Can’t help but shake your waist while wearing this Miss June belt with lively turquoise tassels. A fun way to make an outfit pop. This belt and so much more is available at the shop. See for yourself and check out the fabulous finds at Shay’s Boutique on St. Croix. For more home décor glamour, check out the online SHOP at Debbie Sun Design Studio, too!

Be Glamorous!

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