Ever Changing Perspective

A Lesson in Perspective Every time I look at this design, I smile not only because I love the design, more so it is a poignant reminder of a very personal lesson on perspective. Perspective is an interesting concept. Your … Read More

Sign Design

Signage with Style I am a Textile Designer so when I first got the call asking if I would be interested in designing a sign, my first thought was -hmmmmm….how do I respond? I had never done a sign before. … Read More

Sweet Lime Furnishings

Furniture Inspired Design Tips Without a doubt, one of my favorite stores on St. Croix is the inspiring Sweet Lime Furnishings. For a textile designer, architect lover and a passion for interior design, Sweet Lime is a feast for my … Read More

Sugar Mill Montage

Be One with the Wind I was completely mesmerized by the fluid movement of the Kaleidoscope curtain blowing wherever the wind carried it, telling a story with its every move. It was yet another spectacular photo shoot at a St. … Read More

Sugar Mill Photoshoot

Fashion for the Table Dress your table with Debbie Sun’s debut line of tableclothes and napkins. It is the new TABLEWEAR – fashion for the table! I have been working diligently to launch the new product line.This week was a … Read More

Fun at Sea

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Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes What do you get with a few days on the water, a toddler on board and a phone in hand? Creative inspiration is exactly what you get! As I sat on the boat, … Read More

Jetsetter Photoshoot

Luxury Lifestyle of a Jetsetter Super thrilled to have my textiles included in the photoshoot with the Ambassadors of Luxury, Serenity Garden Villas and Bohlke International Airways of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Who says pillows are just for the home? … Read More

Tabletops with Style

Dressing your Table with Fabulous Designs and capturing it on camera… This past week was sheer –Camera Happiness-!!! It was a week of spectacular photo shoots highlighting the upcoming new product line of tablecloths and napkins featuring, of course, the … Read More

Shay’s Boutique IS Glamour

∼Glamorous 1. Full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way. 2. Full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity.   Want some glamour in your life?   As I stepped into the fabulous shop of … Read More

Chema Madoz

CHEMA MADOZ Freeing imagination one click at a time Over a year ago, flipping through the channels, a striking black and white image came across the screen. I had to stop to get a better look. It turned out to … Read More

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