My Love Affair

Barcelona Love Story...

I am blushing as I re-read a blog entry I wrote a long time ago, which as we all know, is very much like reading a diary. It was all about a love affair. It starts...

In the fall of 2006, I first fell in love. It was the kind of love that comes upon you quickly and then lingers long after the affair is over. If it had not been for the ensuing heartache, I may not have realized that it was actually love. I would have easily dismissed it as fun, new, maybe even exciting. But the feelings were too intense for it not to be love.

Processing the emotion was one thing, but more confusing was acknowledging that this 'so called' love was not even for a person. As it turns out, I fell absolutely head over heels, face first, for a city. A city?! A city full of life, passion and creativity. I fell in love with Barcelona.

How could a city have such the effect? How could a city become such a part of one's existence? Easy. Barcelona has a pulse. If it matches your rhythm, there is no other place you would imagine being. I found my match.

I surely did find my match. I first became acquainted with Barcelona when I decided to spread my wings and spend six adventurous weeks in the city where I had always wanted to visit. Instantly I had butterflies fluttering in my stomache, giddy with excitement. By the end of the trip, I was already imagining myself living in this city, Barcelona, a very different way of life for an island girl coming from the small community of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. When I returned home, I felt this void, this sadness which I soon realized was akin to breaking up with a lover. It was a very strange sensation to grasp. I have had my share of heartbreaks, I understand how it works, however this was the first time I felt so strongly about a place. Of no surprise to many, I found my way back to Barcelona less than a year later, this time to spend one year attending the International Workshop Art Programme at Metàfora. A pivotal point in my life as I was leaving the life I knew as an architect, real estate agent, office manager, to name a few of the many hats I wore, to now venture into the world of ART. A seemingly small step for some, a huge step for Debbie Sun. This was a journey of new discoveries and self exploration with a lot information to process. As the one year mark approached, I realized I was not quite ready to return to St. Croix, I had so much more of Barcelona to experience. So one year turned into two which eventually turned into almost seven years of living in the city that I absolutely adore! Honestly, if someone was to tell me ten years ago that I would have moved to a new country, new language, making new friends and living a completely different life, I would never have expected it. I am so completely blessed to have had this incredible connection and to have had such a life changing experience. I am so lucky to have two love affairs, Barcelona and St. Croix, both of which are my creative pulse encouraging me to pursue my artist dreams.

The Magic of Barcelona

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