As I walked around doing the finishing touches, fluffing a pillow here, straightening a photograph there, adjusting the volume of the background music, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, I paused… looked all around… and smiled… from ear to ear. The moment had arrived. This was my debut. And I was ready. Bubbling with excitement, I glanced up to see the first couple walking through the door. Their faces lit up and so did mine. The space had that effect. I call it, the “Wow” effect. Everyone who walked through the doors seemed to carry the familiar expression, an expression of awe and excitement.

The space was absolutely delightful. Enchanting stone walls were the perfect backdrop. Rich toned wood adorned the window frames adding depth and warmth to the expansive space. The light of St. Croix’s sunset sky filtered through the windows all around, embracing the moment as it should. The highlight, of course, was my collection of designs, shining brightly; adding pops of color in every corner. It was the perfect location to showcase Debbie Sun, the textile designer.

It was a spectacular night. The room was filled with excited voices. The Cuban musician, Rivert Diaz, strummed away at his guitar, carrying us to many worlds of music. Guests gathered on the gallery sipping their wine and cava, absorbing the buzz in the air. As they entered the space, there was ooh-ing and ahh-ing in every corner. The lovely photographer, Nicole Canegata, beautifully captured these moments as the guest reveled in the “Wow” effect. As a designer, artist, and dreamer, I can truly say it was a magical evening for me.

I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing the magic. Here are a few photographs to remind you of our time shared. Be sure to go to my Facebook page to see additional photographs.