Tabletops with Style

Tabletops with Style

Dressing your Table with Fabulous Designs

and capturing it on camera…

This past week was sheer –Camera Happiness-!!! It was a week of spectacular photo shoots highlighting the upcoming new product line of tablecloths and napkins featuring, of course, the eye catching textiles of Debbie Sun Design Studio. As a back story, my beloved camera unexpectedly decided to “retire” a couple months ago which for a camera happy person, deemed to be quite a challenge. A dear friend, stepped up to the plate and lent me her super fancy camera which has lead to a week of absolute (obsessive) delight. :)

Photographers are going to understand what I am about to say…

There is unequivocal joy the moment you hear the click and know that a magical moment was captured. That was my excitement as I saw the setting sun streaming through the holes of the candle holder, creating a brilliant star shining above the gorgeous tabletop. I squealed with JOY the moment I took this shot.


Debbie Sun Design Studio Table Setting with Overlapping design


The tabletop above showcases the fabulous Overlapping design which originated from one of my silk paintings inspired by the works of the brilliant Architect, Antoni Gaudí. Read more about my inspiration in a previous blog post, Inspired by Gaudí.


Below captures the vibrant Caribbean blues with the Sea Polka design. There is more about the making of this design in the blog post, Inspired by the Sea.


Debbie Sun Design Studio Tablecloth with Sea Polka design

The magical hour, my favorite time of day, provides such lovely lighting cascading across the tabletop in the photo below with the Sea Polka design.

 Debbie Sun Design Studio tablesetting at sunset with Sea Polka


 Here are more shots of the exciting Overlapping design, playing with different backgrounds.

Do you have a favorite?


Debbie Sun Design Studio table styled with Overlapping design

Debbie Sun Design Studio Overlapping tablecloth design

Debbie Sun Design Studio table setting with Overlapping design

What a fun week it was! Now I am motivated to have friends over for dinner to enjoy the wonderful table settings. Stylish tabletops will make every meal taste better.

 Stay tuned for many more photo shoots (camera permitting -hint, hint- )

and lots more designs coming soon!

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